Quotes about the summer 2011 production

03 Sep


The top theater production of the past year was home-grown, a zany audience-participation Steampunk mystery that sprouted from the 24-hour Blitz playwriting challenge put on annually by the Mercury Players.

Isthmus Annual Manual, where readers voted Ruined #1 Favorite Theater Production


The first day of FringeNYC and I am treated to this lively, funny and well turned out comedy…Every member of this ensemble is sparkling and on their toes.

Pamela Butler,

A show…that puts two of America’s favorite guilty pleasures together; a comedic murder mystery and a choose-your-own adventure book! The result is nothing short of a good time!

Spencer Howard, Artsy Fartsy Show “Art To Do” Blog

This piece is interesting in part because of the comedy interwoven into the structure (a fun mix of parody and literary criticism), but more importantly the methodologies of how the story is told (using audience participation) are worth going to the play by themselvesYou’ve Ruined A Perfectly Good Mystery! is truly a good example of the type of theatre that the New York International Fringe Festival exposes to a larger audience.

Stephen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

This parody of the detective story, most specifically those about Sherlock Holmes, has a highly literate and often very funny script by Christian Neuhaus and Rick Stemm. But what really makes the play a success is Sam D. White’s superb direction and his talented cast.

Paulanne Simmons, CurtainUp

Curtain call at the final FringeNYC performance

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